SB.TV Ones To Watch: Harry Fraud

It’s a difficult thing to balance the fine line between the underground and mainstream, and very few have managed to achieve it. Rarely would we expect the same guy working with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, French Montana and Maybach Music to also be working alongside underground rappers like Action Bronson, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, Mayhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino and Smoke DZA, but American-Irish producer Harry Fraud has managed all of this, and grabbed a shout out from Simon Cowell along the way…

Breaking through by working alongside French Montana on his mixtapes and notably gaining his first hit with the Jadakiss and Nicki Minaj featured ‘New York Minute’ which dropped back in 2009 and following up with ‘Shot Caller’ in 2011, he saw an impressive line-up of mainstream stars spitting over his instrumentals in a very short space of time, including Rick Ross, P. Diddy, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. Since then he has been a mainstay in production credits across mainstream projects including more recently placements on Maybach Music’s Self Made Vol.2, Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Allderdice and Juicy J’s Blue Dreams & Lean.

Not getting swept up in his success in the mainstream however, Fraud has continued to supply the underground with his sample-based productions, and has more recently released underground favourites such as ‘Bird On A Wire’ with Action Bronson and Riff Raff and ‘Jackson Pollock’ with Maffew Ragazino and Das Racist as well as having put out an entire with Smoke DZA, Rugby Thomson, and this week dropped a new free five track EP with Curren$y entitled Cigarette Boats.

As well as going the traditional route of producing tracks for emcees, Fraud has also been working hard over the years composing original music for the International Emmy Awards, which attracted an unexpected compliment from Simon Cowell who in his acceptance speech announced “I actually just want to pay tribute to someone else. Can I just hear the walk-up music again?… That is a hit record.”

Working with such a diverse range of artists and attracting a wide fan base alike can only equal success for the Brooklynite destined for super producer status, and with such a hard work ethic and a great balance of quantity without over-saturation, Harry Fraud is undoubtedly one of the best producers in the game right now. When you hear his signature “La Musica De Harry Fraud” at the start of a track, prepare for quality music…


Words By Grant Brydon