Plan B Taking Another Shot at US Stardom

Many British artists have been lucky enough to break America. Adele, Chip and Rita Ora are some of the talented stars who have been enjoying successful careers Stateside. But for Plan B breaking America seems like a losing battle…

Last year US radio stations refused to play his music because he is “too white for the black radio stations and too black for white radio stations”.

But their snub hasn’t put Plan B off; the rapper/singer is not giving up on his hopes of breaking America. He said:

I’ve got the drive. I’ve always been hungry. I just think I’ve got a lot more to say than a lot of people out there.

Well we can definitely agree with him on that one. Plan B is headlining a number of free gigs at London’s 100 Club alongside American rapper Nas this summer. If it all goes well, maybe the Illmatic rapper can put in a good word for our boy.