Plan B Gets His Second Number One Album with iLL Manors

It’s quite a good day to be Plan B, as the talented rapper/singer has just won his second number one album with ill Manors

Plan B’s iLL Manors soundtrack was bursting full of angsty, raw emotion which was spit with such venom that naturally came out of his anger at British society today.

In the film of the same name, which was directed and written by Plan B aka Ben Drew, he assesses the circumstances surrounding the start of last year’s London riots in such a raw and frank way that could not be done by any other artist, and with lines such as: “We’ve had it with you politicians, you bloody rich kids never listen,” featuring in the single iLL Manors, it’s no wonder Plan B has struck a chord with the youth, and older generation of today.

Congratulation Plan B, we hope to hear more hard hitting music from you.