Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall’s Stab Threat at Wireless Festival

We’ve all heard about road rage, but it seems that festival rage is just as bad as Little Mix band member Jade Thirlwall was threatened at the Wireless Festival


Jade Thirlwall was shocked and scared when a man threatened to stab her as she was moving through the crowds with other celebrities at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival on July 7.

A source explained to The Mirror:

The only way to get to the VIP platform was through the crowd. A steward was leading the way for all the celebrities to get through, but it was causing a bit of commotion. People were getting agitated because they thought Jade and the guys from JLS and The Saturdays and other celebrities were pushing in, while they’d been waiting to see Nicki Minaj for hours. Lots of people were making comments at the celebs, but this one was horrible. A guy screamed right into her face: ‘I’m gonna stab you!’

We all know the stress of trying to get a good place at a festival, but a stab threat? That’s way too far. But it seems this little mixer is a tough cookie as she later stated:

It was scary, but I had loads of people around me so I knew I’d be safe. I think people were annoyed because they thought I was pushing in.