SB.TV’s Alternative Corner #2 – Blink 182 and Bleeding Knees Club.

This is the second installment of SB.TV’s Alternative Corner and we’re hoping to really branch out and get you lot listening to music genres you would have never previously considered. Hopefully you’ll find something new in this corner of the website…

We were lucky enough to go to Blink 182‘s show at the O2 Arena last week, considering the standard of both the artist and the show they put in this post is mainly dedicated to a review of that show, plus an indie recommendation as well.

Blink 182 bringing down the house at the O2 Arena.

It’s hard to believe that Blink 182 are a band celebrating their 20th year in music. Their playful nature onstage and in song oozed throughout Friday’s [08/06/2012] set at the O2 Arena, a date rescheduled from last July but the pop-punk trio ensured the show was worth the wait.

The set was always going to be almost wall-to-wall hits, including a selection of tunes from 2011’s Neighborhoods, and the excitable party atmosphere only added to the experience. In between songs there was a return to the jibing between Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus whilst Travis Barker seemed to be having his split finger heavily bandaged after each song. Unsuprisingly though Barker was in superb form, notably re-introducing the band for their encore with an impressive drum solo.
As fan favourites such as All The Small Things, Always and Man Overboard sounded out Hoppus playfully hopped around the stage constantly engaging the audience and throwing what seemed like hundreds of plectrums into the crowd whilst he did so. Both Hoppus and DeLonge were in good vocal form, even after twenty years – although they had 15,000 willing back-up singers to call upon if need be.

A Blink 182 show is a real experience, evoking memories of hearing those fast-paced brash lyrics for the first time all those years ago. Many of the fans there were roughly the same age as the band, having grown up listening to them it was clear that each show is a celebration of a teenage soundtrack. During the encore the trio played Dammit, the chorus of which is “Well I guess this is growing up.” A perfect summary of the evening from a band who refuse to grow up themselves and as a result give us all hope for our own futures.


Bleeding Knees Club.

As we featured such a heritage act such as Blink 182, we thought we’d also give a recommendation to an act with only two years under their belts – Bleeding Knees Club. The Australian duo’s lo-fi garage approach to 1950’s summertime rock may seem quite relaxed the lasting effect are pop songs which really set them above the likes of The Drums who have been trying to reach that standard for a couple of years now. The songs are simple and feel naturally laid-back; there doesn’t seem to be a conscious effort to follow in the footsteps of The Strokes despite the critics drawing this comparison far too often.

The debut album, Nothing To Do, is a very solid entrance to the field and could be a really decent addition to that Summer playlist you have been preparing for months but are still waiting for the sun to turn up to the party.

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Text by Dan Kemp.