SB.TV Ones To Watch: Carrie Wilds

Having migrated her Southern-soul roots to New York’s electronic music scene, blending in some of the cities finest new rap talents along the way, it was obvious from the outset that Carrie Wilds’ debut self-titled project wasn’t going to be your usual R&B/ pop album…

Starting out singing in school choruses as a child and then attending a youth opera camp at the age of eleven, Carrie’s introduction to music was not unusual, she quit singing for a long time soon after (also not unusual) with a focus to escape Palmetto, Florida and move to New York, feeling that she couldn’t allow herself to be imprisoned by a what she describes as, “A town known for growing tomatoes.” As a cheaper option than Manhattan to live, Brooklyn became her desired destination, and after working two jobs throughout school, and building up a lot of courage she finally made the move.

The move to New York also brought back her involvement in music, where she would write features for other artists, working with the likes of Drop The Lime, Lauren Flax, Crookers and DJ Craze. These features also often lead to live performances, she recalls performing alongside Drop The Lime; “I would sing the sample of this old Regina Belle song, that he’d sampled… and people would have no idea that it was a live singer until I’d walk out.” She continues, “There was a lot of ad-libbing in those shows. I’d like to do that again, hone my skills for thinking on my feet.” She also performed her first solo show just last week, with the help of two male dancers, showcasing six songs from her new mixtape, and will follow up next month with a show at New York’s legendary SOB’s venue.

Her debut mixtape Carrie Wilds is the product of a partnership between Carrie and DMC world champion DJ Shiftee, who has carefully selected a backdrop of electronic music from some of the world’s best producers including Lunice, AraabMuzik and Joker, for Carrie reinvent; writing the lyrics, dreaming up the arrangements and melodies and recording all but two of the tracks in her closet. Adding to this her already diverse range of influences ranging from the blues that her parents listened to when she was a child, to the big soul vocals of Aretha Franklin, 90’s R&B girl groups like SWV and the hip-hop contributions of Cody B. Ware and Mr. MF-in eXquire, and you’re left with a very unique debut.

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Words by Grant Brydon

Edited by Natalia