SB.TV Interview: Dot Rotten on Basketball

South London rapper/producer Dot Rotten will perform alongside Big Boi at Nike’s World Basketball Festival, a one-day celebration of the game and basketball culture, taking place Saturday, June 30 in Brixton. SB.TV caught up with Dot to talk basketball and more…

Are you a fan of basketball?

If I catch a game, I’ll watch a game, I used to watch a lot of basketball at 4/5 in the morning on Channel 5, I recently bought a Lakers outfit for the gym, I’m half way there.

Have you ever been to a live basketball game before?

I haven’t been to an NBA game, but I’ve been to a live mandem on a pitch type game, betting ten pounds on who you think is going to win.

You mentioned gym, but do you play any type of sport?

I play Playstation; I don’t really do other sports. I used to skateboard, I used to love football until I got in a car crash, swimming, basketball and rock climbing. I used to do a whole bag of things to be fair. But my sport now is talking.

Why are festivals like this important?

This festival is important because it raises awareness about this sport, it’s about getting people to come down and enjoy the vibe. The UK is very football orientated, whereas there are actually loads of kids out there that play basketball. When we were young, we used to play in the rec, there’d be like 40/50 kids there going there to play basketball. I used to get letters through my letterbox saying there was a football scheme going on, but never anything to do with basketball, it was a shame.


“In the 1990’s everything was baggy or super baggy, like you’ve got a duvet under your belt”


Do you think sport can influence fashion or music?

I think they go hand in hand, some people use to sport to break out of their madness at home, or use it as their way to zone off from whatever is going on, the same with music. So someone might want to listen to music while they are playing sport, because it gives them that extra confidence and attitude.

Do you think basketball influences hip hop fashion or do you think hip hop influences basketball fashion?

I think it is both, in basketball, people tend to listen to hip hop, that’s where it is from, that is where it originated.

In the 1990’s everything was baggy or super baggy, like you’ve got a duvet under your belt.

Why is Brixton a good place to be holding the world basketball festival this year?

In the UK it’s one of the areas with the most history in basketball; but not just basketball, music as well.

Bring everyone there, let the vibes come, witness for themselves and leave with something, leave with a feeling that they wont ever get again.

Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?

Jordan innit! I’ve got the kicks, like, come on. Johnson’s hard though, Johnson goes in, but it has got to be Jordan. Jordan makes ps from trainers. Jordan joint ventured with Nike. That counts. He made them put his image on their trainers. He is a Don, he is a G. You don’t see someone like Jay-Z do that, you don’t hear ‘Nike Michael Jackson’s’, that’d be sick though, some Nike Michael Jackson’s.

Offence of defence?

Offence, in a sense.

LA Lakers of Chicago Bulls?

In 1998, Chicago bulls, 1998- 2003, but in 2012 it’s the water gang for me.

Ohhhh swapping teams…

Nah, I’m just being honest. In 1995, I’d say football, Manchester United, Eric Cantona, but right now, I’d say no football, I don’t believe in that religion. Plus I just bought a Lakers outfit the other day and I think I look sexy in it.

Lastly, what is your favourite basketball film?

This is going to sound so mad, my favourite film to do with basketball, that actually has nothing to do with basketball, but has a basketball in it, is called Leon The Professional, some boy gets his basketball taken away, that’s about the only reference to basketball in there, but it is still a really good film. Badman film.


Event Date: Saturday 30th June
Windrush Square 8am – 6pm Athlete Clinics & Free Festival Activities
O2 Academy Brixton 6.30pm – 10pm (Ticketed event 14+ year olds only)
Tickets General Release from 9am on Saturday 26th May
£5 – all proceeds go to the Luol Deng Basketball Foundation

Find out all further information on this exciting event over at