Drake’s A Proper Tease …

Club Paradise tour over, and Drake has dropped a tantalizing video via his own website…

The audio-visual features Drizzy smoking a hookah pipe, whilst a new track plays in the background. Whether or not the song is to feature on Drake’s forthcoming third album is a mystery.

All we know about the album is that is will challenge people’s perceptions of Drake as an artist.

The Young Money signee said recently, “The music that I make is bigger than the box that people try to put us all in as rappers. And people always try and draw me back to that like ‘Nah just rap.’ Nah, I’m good. I like what I do. No one can do what I do period. That’s how I feel. Nobody can really do what I do, what we do. Including 40 and all the producers that I work with.”


Words by Fiona Guest