SB.TV Ones To Watch: Josh Kumra

After having infiltrated many households already via his collaboration with Wretch 32 on Don’t Go, Swindon born singer-songwriteris ready to take the limelight…

Having originally been inspired by a plastic guitar and the music played on his father’s stereo; Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, the 16-year-old Kumra developed an urge to perform and took his beloved instrument down to a local pub where he performed publicly for the first time.

Kumra has already backed up a number of front-men in local bands, soon realising that playing as part of a band was not for him, he resorted to working solo in his bedroom, where he began to craft his soulful singer-songwriter sound. After evoking a positive response from his work and building a solid reputation for himself in the local music scene, Josh ended up London bound to perform at Monkey Chews in Camden (the venue where Coldplay made their debut) where he met his current management team.

Having originally written Don’t Go as a solo track, it found itself in the hands of Wretch 32 who loved the track so much, he recorded his own vocals to it on the same day, getting in touch with Josh about potentially releasing it as a collaborative track, and while the pair knew they had something special, neither of them could have comprehended the outstanding response they received for the track.

Gearing up for the release of his debut solo album on Sony RCA in September (which Josh has hinted may include the second collaboration between himself and Wretch) the 21-year-old has recently unleashed his debut single featuring the rapping talents of Roc Nation signee K Koke. The dark and somewhat paranoid hip-hop inspired soul track sets off the tone of what to expect from Josh’s debut, and clearly demonstrates his talent as both a strong vocalist and excellent songwriter…


Words by Grant Brydon

Edited by Natalia