Knowledge is Power [SB.TV News Roundup]

Welcome to this week’s blog. Bit of a slow start to the week in terms of news, but the pace picked up slightly with some interesting and game-changing headlines…

Labour Hails Local Election Victories

Voting for local elections was underway across the UK this week. These elections are seen as a crucial signal to just how well or badly the Government has performed so far and are viewed by voters across the country. Even though we are voting for Councillors who run our local services and affairs, the results will colour code just how the whole country is feeling about our Government since they came into power in the 2010. Polls have confirmed that the red of Labour has won back the trust of voters, and that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been severely punished.

In London, Boris Johnson (Conservative) landed the London Mayoral victory over his closest opponent, Ken Livingstone (Labour). Let’s see if Boris can now deliver the goods with his promises of creating 200,000 more jobs over the next four years, freezing council tax, getting a thousand more police on the streets, and cutting tube delays and improving transport around London.


Wettest April But Drought Isn’t Over

Even though we live on an Island, our weather is generally wet, we’ve had about 102 flood alerts this week, and we endured the wettest April in 100 years, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has said that if we have a third dry winter in a row (LOL), parts of the UK may have to rely on standpipes up and down street corners, this is off-the-back-of the recent hosepipe bans due to our official drought. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. We can never really win with our weather…


MP’s Murder Murdoch

Back to Rupert Murdoch again, that poor old rich man. As you may have read in last week’s blog, a lot of sleaze came out of the Leveson Inquiry regarding the relationship between Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the Murdoch’s News Corp regarding the BskyB takeover bid. The Jeremy Hunt story, as expected, seems to have been brushed under the carpet. But the heat was on Murdoch this week as a Culture Committee report by ten MP’s concluded that Rupert Murdoch and his son James are ‘unfit’ to run a global media company due to all the unravelling of deep and dark information relating to the illegal phone hacking scandals.

Considering the expenses scandal of 2008, I can’t really take seriously the opinions of some MP’s.

Rupert must be really hurt and upset over these life changing comments as he flies back to the United States in his private jet.


Bionic Eye Helps Blind Man See Again

At last, some good news I can report on. Chris James, who has been totally blind for more than 20 years, is the first British patient to be fitted with a digital chip similar to those used in mobile phone cameras. The chip ‘basically’ absorbs light that enters through the eye and helps transmit an electrical signal that is picked up by the nerves and transmitted to the brain (I think that’s the easiest way to put it). An amazing advancement of technology, congratulations to Chris, and hopefully he can regain full and clear eyes sight eventually.


On this point I leave you with a parting thought until next week. If we have the technology to make a blind person be able to see, then surely we have the capacity to develop the technology and means to be able to prevent an Island from being in a drought, right?


Words by Maan Majali

Edited by Natalia