Knowledge is Power [News roundup]

Welcome to this new weekly blog, fully intended to feed your unknown hunger for news consumption, gathering the top news of the week in a straightforward, jargon busting manner, breaking them down and introducing you to new sources …

Give a ‘Hoodie’ a Job

Our Employment Minister, Chris Grayling this week boldly took the liberty of telling UK employers to give a ‘hoodie’ a job over more experienced foreign workers. Now, unemployment figures here have improved a touch; a 35,000 fall in unemployment, but in terms of youth unemployment, it’s the highest it has been for 25 years and is rising still.

But consider this, youth unemployment has risen just as fast in areas in the UK where there are little or no immigrants, so where does the issues really lie; in the government initiatives to provide quality training and educational opportunities, or is it actually the mind-set of the UK youth?


The Messy Abu Qatada Deportation Case

For almost two decades, Abu Qatada – the radical Islamic cleric – has been detained in the UK due to a range of terror charges, and has resisted every effort of the UK Government to deport him to Jordan where he faces bomb plot charges. He fears being tortured into confession in Jordan, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France, blocked the latest deportation attempt on his ‘human rights’ grounds in January 2012.

He was briefly released under strict bail conditions on the 13th February. The long-running battle of the cleric, described as a “truly dangerous individual” and a “key UK figure” in al-Qaeda related terror activity, took a few twists this week when he was rearrested. Home Secretary, Teresa May says he has “no right” to take the case to the ECHR and stated that the three month deadline (since February) for the appeal application had passed on midnight on Monday 16th April and that the UK have received assurances from Jordan that he will be treated humanely. The ECHR says it has received a last-minute appeal from Abu Qatada’s lawyers against deportation. They on the otherhand say the deadline to appeal ran out on Tuesday 17th April. Our government look like they got the deadline date wrong, what an embarrassing and disorganised mess! School boy errors that have led to big boy beef and possibly more in the future…watch this space.


Trio Get Life for Thusha Shooting

Three men have been jailed for life this week for a gang-related shooting that left a five-year-old girl paralysed. Nathaniel Grant, Anthony McCalla and Kazeem Kolawole were hunting down a rival gang member when they shot Thusha Kamaleswaran at her aunt’s south London shop in March last year. The video of the shooting shows Thusha dancing around her family shop before she gets gunned down. The physical, emotional and psychological effects of the crime on the poor girl and her family are for life, whereas the life sentence handed down is not actually ‘life’ by meaning.


Millionaire Tax Dodgers

A confidential study by HM Revenue and Customs found Britain’s wealthiest are using aggressive tactics within the legal loopholes and clever accountants to reduce their income tax rate to an around of 10 per cent of their income – less than half the level paid by the average Briton and some are avoiding paying any income tax at all. The “shocked” Chancellor George Osborne has promised to go after these dodgers…Now now sir, are you really telling us that you didn’t suspect ANY of this?


Vote for your London Mayor

For those of you who are in London and are registered to vote, don’t forget: have your say on the Monday the 3rd of May. Get out and get your vote on. For information and latest news on the candidates and their policies and promises, go here.


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Words by Maan Majali

Edited by Natalia