Stooshe Launches New Website

Fast becoming the hottest name around after their debut video Betty Woz Gone became YouTube’s most viewed music video in the UK when it received 100,000 views on the day of its initial upload, the, futuristic trio Stooshe have now launched their official website at

To coincide with the launch of the website, Stooshe are also simultaneously launching their ground-breaking location app Where’s Stooshe? ( The location-based web app allows fans to interact with Stooshe by using their GPS enabled mobile phone. Users can now track the location of the infamous StooshBus as the girls tour around the UK, find the location of events and view a count down of the next live web chat with the trio.

The app also unveils the location of goodies hidden in thousands of locations across the country. After arriving at the location, users can open the app to earn one of a variety of mystery prizes which include gig tickets, free downloads, fresh remixes and exclusive video content.

Words By Lorenzo Oneil