Toddla T ft. Wayne Marshall & Skream – Streets So Warm

I hope you’re ready to turn the speakers up, this one is sure to annoy the neighbours…

Fresh from a blazing set (which I was lucky enough to witness) at this years Bestival, Toddla T and some exciting features make this hard-hitting track one to look out for when it receives an official video in the coming weeks and is eventually released for sale October 17th.

Streets So Warm delivers a deep bass, worthy of destroying any true music fan’s sound system within one listen. The heavy bass is laced with potent vocals from none-other than Wayne Marshall whose lyrics give the listener a real insight in to the thoughts and opinions of the dancehall phenomenon; most specifically when he sings Who is to be trusted, is it the witness or the searge? As you’ll encounter after taking a close listen, the track touches on various topics surrounding the police and the government; subjects which many share an interest in, or at least have an opinion on. I’m sure the track will arouse controversy with the nature of its content, however, music which inspires thought is most usually of the finest kind, Streets So Warm inspires thought.

This single is taken from Toddla’s second effort Watch Me Dance which, due to horrendous circumstances (leaking early, stock being burnt as a result of the PIAS fire during the London riots) did not receive the most deserving of releases but nonetheless the music is great and the movement is growing.

We wish the very best to Ninja Tune and all of the independents which provide such a dynamic to the music industry whilst providing a platform for artists whom may not otherwise get the exposure they deserve.

Check Streets So Warm out for yourself, what are your thoughts?

Toddla T – ‘Streets So Warm’ feat. Wayne Marshall & Skream by toddla_t

Text by Ash Houghton