Talay Riley – Fashion Tips

Singer, song writer extraordinaire, Talay Riley, gives SBTV his essential fashion and style tips.

Top 3 Fashion Tips?

1: Not too much of one colour. You don’t want to look like a crayon.

2: Simple does it. Sometimes when you try to put too much together it just fails or clashes badly.

3: Be unique. Like having something on your outfit that people can say, “oh that’s the Talay style”. Putting your unique stamp on it avoids the whole status quo.


Top 3 Accessories?

1: Definitely the sunglasses, I don’t even mean they should be all name brand shades. Like I don’t even know who made these shades (starts inspecting his own pair of shades) but they look fly.

2: You got to have a decent watch, something with a little swag. Like this (holds his wrist in the air) rose gold Michael Kors, but it’s not stunting.

3: Fly footwear is so important too. Some people get it right from their head down to their ankles, but then their kicks just ruin everything. I’ve never understood people who wear shabby footwear with a fly outfit.


Top 3 Footwear?

1: Christian Louboutin, I don’t even have to give a reason for these, they’re just cold.

2: Adidas because they’ve been impressing me with their recent stuff.

3: Kurt Geiger for formal occasions or when I go out. When I’m clubbing I gotta go out with my Kurts on. I make sure I have a variety of them too.


Words by Eddy Leonardo

Edited by Lily Mercer