Rihanna told to cover up by angry farmer

Pop diva, Rihanna, met with some opposition on Tuesday (26 September), when her semi-nudity on a video shoot in Northern Ireland enraged the owner of the field that she was shooting in.

Farmer, and DUP Alderman, Alan Graham, asked Rihanna to leave his land when he deemed her antics too raunchy. Apparently, the Bajan singer removed her bikini top at one point. Mr Graham spotted the event from his tractor, and decided to intervene.

Mr Graham claimed to be unfamiliar with Rihanna and her work prior to the event.

“I did not know on Friday who was coming, but if the name Rihanna had have been mentioned to me the name would have meant nothing to me,” he said, “When the filming did become to my mind unacceptable I requested the filming to stop,” he added.

The situation was resolved amicably, with the film crew agreeing to leave.

Words by Fiona Guest