Justin Timberlake Buys a Share in Myspace…

Justin Timberlake has bought a share in Myspace as he believes music has an exciting future on the internet…

Many of SBTV listeners will have used the site, Myspace to listen to new music but may not use it that much any more as sites such as sbtv.co.uk, youtube.com and SoundCloud.com offer a easier way to listen to new music. This may all change as star of Oscar winning film, Social Network, Justin Timberlake plans to re-add Myspace to the list of places to listen to new music.

With the help of advertising agency, Specific Media, Justin plans to bring a new life to the Myspace brand and is most defiantly looking forward to the challenge.

“It’s an exciting place for the future of music, although it seemed like such a taboo thing the internet and music – I don’t think it’s taboo at all”

Artists are using social media as tool for promoting themselves, Jeremy Silver the chairman of data analysis group Semetric says,”They’re learning how to use it most effectively and that means in terms of how they communicate out but also how they read what information is coming back.”

“There’s a saying at the moment in the music industry that data is the new oil.”

Text by Jakob Gillespie