Lil Wayne latest single tops the US billboard charts

The rapper’s latest single, She Will featuring Drake sells over 225,000 digital copies….

Faster than a speeding a bullet, this is the rate at which Lil Wayne churns out music. So much so that the Rolling Stone reports that his band has trouble keeping up with him while on tour. The rapper’s music director, Gil Smith II explains saying:

“After the second leg [of the tour], we had to figure out how to incorporate all these new songs with all this stuff that people know and love and come to see him perform, plus we have a [new] mixtape that has nothing to do with the seven songs he just dropped on the radio, plus [the upcoming] Tha Carter IV. You’re talking about 30 songs we haven’t even tapped into.”

Now that’s a work ethic to admire.

Written by Elisha Baptiste