d Capital E – It’s Capital Volume 1 Produced by Zdot

There’s a new face on the grime scene as d Capital E drops his debut mixtape, It’s Capital Volume 1

It’s Capital Volume 1 offers varied styles of songs, combining hype club tracks and chilled, contemplative songs. From Do it to Death featuring Sketchman, to the catchy Capital Levels, d Capital E comes with bars full of entertainment. His effortless, fast-paced flow sees him swerve through songs about his skill with women, opinions on haters and personal dreams.

It’s Capital Volume 1 was recorded and mixed by Danny C and produced entirely by Zdot, winner of the Best Producer 2010 at the Official Mixtape Awards. Speaking on the achievement, d Capital E said, “I’m so happy for him, plus I’m proud to be able to say my first release was produced by this year’s best in the game.”

Though he grew up on both grime and hip hop, d Capital E’s music is influenced more by the scene of his hometown. His sound bares all the hallmarks of grime, with bass heavy beats and fast-paced lyrics. Born in Romford, raised in London, the MC now resides just outside Enfield in North London. He began writing lyrics at the age of fifteen whilst listening to Wu-Tang’s Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off). “The beat and bars like ‘Run on the track like Jesse Owens, broke the record flowin’, without any knowing’ are what prompted me to pick up the pencil.”

Do It To Death – D Capital E ft Sketchman by SB.TV

He wrote his first bar at 15, after experimenting with both DJing and production. Seeing music as an escape, he had always expressed an interest in creating music, but he found his calling listening to hip hop lyrics by Busta Rhymes and DMX. The rise of grime then exposed the young MC to alternative styles of spitting on his home turf.

He names Wiley, Ghetts and Griminal as the grime MCs that inspired him the most, but albums like Dizzee’s Boy in Da Corner and Kano’s Home Sweet Home also proved influential. This exposure saw d Capital E fall in love with the grime scene and adapt his sound to include a faster flow. With his style perfected, he teamed up with Danny C and Zdot. He says, “Doing grime I’m always inspired, the scene is young and talented, so it’s innovative and fresh.”

My Top Rated – D Capital E (Prod. Zdot) by SB.TV

d Capital E’s lyrics suggest dedication to his craft, “I think that it’s important to know exactly what level you are at in comparison to those in the positions you’re looking to be in. Therefore I’ve worked on the music until I think it’s at the level I want it to be.” A desire to complete his work to a certain standard explains how he managed to complete such a solid mixtape. There are energetic tracks like Capital Levels, which features a catchy beat and braggadocios flow. On Do They Rate Me? he contemplates the potential jealousy of his competition. It’s his personal favourite as a result of how significant the bars are to him. The tone gets a bit darker on songs like Worship Grime and Do It To Death with Sketchman.

With good-quality production and lyrics full of passion, It’s Capital Volume 1 is one grime mixtape worth getting hold of. It’s a confident and impressive debut with lots of memorable tracks. Varied in style but still cohesive, this is a refreshing project put together by a strong lyricist. With more music lined up and ready to be released, 2011 is set to be a busy year for d Capital E. Having begun to take production more seriously, he’s back making beats and is preparing a home studio for himself and other artists in the scene to record in.

This is one MC you should definitely watch out for.

Download d Capital E’s It’s Capital Volume 1 here.


Text by Lily Mercer