Freddie Gibbs  about to sign with Young Jeezy?

Gary, Indiana’s finest rapper, Freddie Gibbs has built a successful career out of self-released projects but now he’s ready to team up with a label with reports that he could be signing to Young Jeezy‘s CTE Records…

In an interview with a US publication, Gibbs suggested that though the pair had spent time together, no business plans had been discussed. “[Young Jeezy and I] ain’t even get in the lab, man,” he said. “I saw him, just passing through the A [Atlanta], doing my thing. I was out there on some other stuff. And, we just chopped it up, just kicked it. Went to a strip club, that’s all. We ain’t really do nothing. We ain’t go to the lab though, I just bumped into him when I was out there. And we just chopped it up in Magic City. We was makin’ it rain, slappin’ ass and shit like that.”

In an exclusive UK interview, Freddie Gibbs told SB.TV that he would be unwilling to sign to a major label until he was sure it was the best option for those around him. Gibbs said, “I got major labels calling me every day talking the same bullshit. I’m in the major label meetings rolling up blunts because I don’t give a fuck about nothing unless it’s in favour of myself and my family.” Well it seems Young Jeezy has put the right cards on the table.

As a label, CTE Records is lacking in big name rappers, with Young Jeezy acting as the only internationally known artist. Though still building a name for himself, Gibbs is already on his way to hitting the big time thanks to the attention he received as a 2010 XXL Freshman. He receives global recognition and is admired for producing good quality gangsta rap with a conscious edge.


Text by Lily Mercer