Waka Flocka to work with Spencer Pratt…

Following the disastrous start to his wife, Heidi’s music career, The HillsSpencer Pratt is set to team up with Waka Flocka

Pratt has been attempting to move into the music scene since the end of The Hills, favouring hip hop over other genres. He recently asked Flocka to make an appearance on his new project.

Spencer first asked if they could work together during the summer, but things got serious recently. Flocka demanded that the wannabe rapper arrange a meeting with “twelve naked girls ready for him.” Pratt chose not to attend in order to keep his wife happy, but the ad lib king agreed to work with Pratt and Wooh Da Kid in Los Angeles later this month.

It’s unclear what attracted the reality TV star to Mr Flame’s music, or whether he rates Waka Flocka Myers over Lebron Flocka James, but he did say, “I feel this collaboration with two of hip hop’s most entertaining superstars will make for some great entertainment for the world.”

The question on everyone’s lips is, will Gucci be making an appearance?

Text by Lily Mercer