Egypt’s Revolution…

It started a week ago. Angry protesters frustrated by political unrest in their country took to the streets demanding the resignation of the dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

After 30 years in power, the people decided enough was enough. Food prices were rising, bread was scarce, gas prices were sky rocketing and unemployment was at its highest. They could not afford to live or feed their families anymore. Inspired by the Tunisian revolution a mere week before, the people of Egypt took to the streets on January 25th demanding the resignation of Mubarak.

Hailed as the Twitter and Facebook revolution, young Egyptians have been using the Internet and social networking sites to organize protests around Egypt. The government’s response to this? Shut down all ISPs and mobile networks. This hasn’t stopped the Egyptian people from rallying together as one community determined to topple a dictator who has plagued their way of life for decades.

Unfortunately this revolution has come with losses. To this day nearly 350 people have been killed fighting for freedom, the majority of them being young people. Reports of looting and thuggish behaviour in local neighborhoods have put many Egyptians in fear of their lives and the lives of their family. Distrust of the police is common during this turbulent time due to their association with Mubarak, so groups of young men find themselves out late at night protecting their neighborhoods.

Despite the Internet connections still being cut off, Egyptians and the entire global community continue to rally for freedom and for their basic rights to be met. It is now a question of when that freedom will come.

Text by Shoruk Khaddour

Edited by Lily Mercer