[NEWS] Meet the new member of Gorillaz  …

When a band is looking for a new member and 5,000 people enter, you’d expecting some X Factor based decisions to be made. Not for the newest member of cartoon band Gorillaz.

“The Evangelist” was one of 5,000 drawings sent in to an online competition run by the group’s artist, Jamie Hewlett. It’s a step back to the original concept of Gorillaz being a cartoon band. Since the band’s Plastic Beach album was released last year we have seen a lot of Damon Albarn et al and less of the ‘virtual band’ originally created in 1998.

The idea behind “The Evangelist” is to be the opposite of “The Boogieman” who has featured in a few Gorillaz videos in the past as a dark menace.

Here’s hoping this menace can be chased away and Gorillaz keep making the music they make so well.

Text by Dan Kemp

Edited by Lily Mercer