[AUDIO] Harry Shotta  – Mike Lowery Freestyle…

Following the success of his recent tracks, Semtex (Walking In The Air) and Pow 2011, Harry Shotta has jumped on a remix on Skepta’s Mike Lowery instrumental.

Harry Shotta demonstrates the same passion and emotion on the track as Skepta, and shows that he’s got skills with the bars.

“Dumb suckas sucking up the joy for the nunchuckas, wing chung lyricist’s attackin em, and i don’t really care if man are platinum, when they come to London certain man will still be jackin em, takin their medallions rapscallions on Valium, this is my little Britain so allow Lucas and Williams”

Comparing the two artists, Shotta’s fast flow is more of a dubstep sound, whilst Skepta’s has more of a grime feel to it.

Is Shotta a contender for Skepta? What are you saying?

Text by Shenelle Markland

Edited by Lily Mercer