What a week for X-Factor drama. First up, the controversial race issue got people talking, before reports of Gamu’s deportation were overshadowed by death threats to Cheryl Cole and that was all before the live shows kicked off.

Things are starting to look up for Gamu as Simon Cowell has promised to help the singer with legal support. The multi-millionaire said, “We are helping Gamu and her family as much as possible and have lawyers working with her lawyers.”

Cheryl has reportedly stepped up her security game following death threats from Tottenham’s Supa Capone. Though he denied sending the death threats, the MC said, “I was angry – everyone was expecting a black girl to go through.” He added, “Maybe it was a bit over the top, but there were certain things that needed to be said.” Cheryl suffered further criticism when singer Anastasia Baker called her “two-faced” and “heartless” after her second rejection from the show. She saved the real cusses for “Chav” Cher Lloyd and “liar” and “fake” Katie Waissel.

The Fight For This Love singer is “absolutely horrified” by the public’s anger towards her decision. Not only has she improved security at her mansion, but X-Factor bosses have also strengthened security at Wembley arena for the live shows. As well as more vigilant checks, apparently banners will be checked to make sure they don’t mention Gamu.

For the first time in X-Factor history, the judges were given the chance to bring one contestant back to the show to add to their group. Surprising choices came from Simon who selected Diva Fever and Louis Walsh who brought back Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho. With Gamu no longer an option, Cheryl chose Treyc Cohen and Danni Minogue made the wise decision to bring back Paije Richardson.

Stand out performances from Matt Cardle who sang David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over and Mary Byrne who sang It’s A Man’s World. Simon called Matt’s performance “genius” and said the track would be “a monster hit” if released. Full of compliments, he told Cher Lloyd, “I love you”. He also praised Katie’s cover of We Are The Champions, saying “You have an interesting voice, a one-off, you’ve not had the best press in the world. I’m glad that you’re here.” Danni and Louis weren’t so impressed, she said, “In my honest opinion I don’t get the whole look, the quirkiness doesn’t work for me at all.” Louis said, “That song was too big for you.”

Tonight’s show opened with a group performance from all of the acts in the competition. Many looked impressive, but some came across as amateur (One Dimension) others straight up funny (Wagner). The contestants still have some work to do as first Usher, then last year’s winner, Joe McElderry upstaged their performance.

Soon it was time for another X-Factor first as they carried out the first ever double elimination. Dermot O’Leary called out the surviving acts in the following order, Treyc, John Adeleye, Aiden Grimshaw, Diva Fever, Cher, Storm Lee, Belle Amie, Wagner, Rebecca Ferguson, Mary Byrne, One Direction, then Paije. The act with the fewest votes was Nicolo Festa who was immediately eliminated. He said, “I feel like crap,” while Danni commented, “It’s hard to stand out between 16 acts on the first night, I thought Nicolo sang fantastically.”

The remaining two acts in the bottom three were Katie Waissel and FYD, who had to impress the judges or get sent home. FYD performed a high-energy cover of Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music. While a drastically re-styled Katie sang The Beatle’s Don’t Let Me Down. Obviously better than her previous performances, the rendition was still fairly average for this stage in the competition.

Left to the judges Simon said, “I’m going to back my act for obvious reasons.” Katie’s mentor, Cheryl said based on their performance she’d send home FYD. Danni also voted to send home FYD. With the result in his hand, Louis claimed to be torn between his head and his heart. Though he gave no reason, he eventually chose to send FYD home, leaving countless viewers wondering, why Katie continues to escape defeat.

It may be too soon to guess, but the bookies odds are on Aiden to win the show. Following tonight’s live show, he overtook former favourite, Matt. Who are you backing to win?